“Expert advice and counsel.”

Cristina Zabala led my wife and I through a home design improvement project with her expert advice and counsel. From our first consultation , through her last , she helped us plan our project, select and place rugs and fabrics, identify and hire vendors, and suggest creative enhancements to existing décor, all within our budget and deadline for completion. Cristina is a highly competent, extremely helpful professional with a winning personality. She was always available when we needed her input. Our project would not be the success that it is without her understanding and guidance. We look forward to our next project with Cristina!

— Barry Farnham

“It was a fun experience

Cristina was able to incorporate most of the pieces that I already own and have sentimental value to me, into the new design. A very efficient way to keep this project on budget. We loved the lighting fixtures and the fabrics that she helped us pick out. The end result was beautiful. Working with Cristina and Laura was a fun experience. They are two talented designers and I highly recommend their service.

— Carmen Hernandez